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How Do Period Delay Tablets Work?

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Every month you wait for your dreaded period to arrive and sometimes your period can arrive when it just isn’t convenient for you. Period delay tablets are absolutely perfect for such scenarios and can help you out hugely. Let’s take a look at how these pills work and how they can assist you when you need them.

How They Work

Medication such as ‘Norethisterone’ and ‘Utovlan’ work by affecting the hormones inside the medication sustaining the lining of the womb for longer than usual. This will result in you not coming on your period until you stop taking the medication (e.g. if you take Norethisterone for a week when your period usually occurs, you will delay it by a week or so.) Please note that these kind of pills are not contraceptive and you can still get pregnant while taking them, so you should take other medication/contraceptive methods as and when you need to.

Perhaps you have a hot date coming up or just want to go swimming with your friends during the time which your period would usually strike. These things might not be out of the question when you get your period but they are definitely not preferred for most people.

Taking medication such as Norethisterone or Utovlan would be perfect for such occasions. They are not only used for these methods however, you might be advised to use these by a medical professional. Your doctor might prescribe you with these types of tablets if you suffer from heavy/abnormal bleeding. They can help to normalize your cycles by balancing the hormones in your body.

Are They Safe?

These kind of products are FDA approved and are completely safe to take for the average woman. However it is always wise to consult your local doctor before you take any kind of medication. You should also not take these kind of products TOO often, they should not be used every month and not for a prolonged period of time.

Period delay tablets could definitely be the right option for you if you have a holiday/party coming up, where being on your period is just not convenient for you. Coming to rely on these pills is not good because you could mess up your cycles but using them occasionally is absolutely fine. They in a way, let you decide when you get your period and also give you time to prepare!