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A Simple Guide to Dermal Fillers

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Age causes skin causes the skin to lose its elasticity, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is normal for people to be concerned about wrinkles, however, wrinkles are reversible if the right treatment is administered. Wrinkles can be treated using dermal fillers, a popular cosmetic treatment which has been proven to be successful to a large percentage of users. Fillers are popular and safe cosmetic remedies for individuals who wish to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on their face. Skin fillers restore a youthful appearance to the skin by plumping up and restoring its lost volume.


Juvederm has gained popularity as being an effective and safe skin filler. Juverderm is made by Allgern, who also make Botox. Juverderm is a range of injectable gels based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally occurs naturally in the human body meaning it can fill wrinkles and replace skin characteristics that it has lost over the years.

Further, Juvederm is less painful as it contains a pain reducing component called Lidocaine making the whole experience a more comfortable one. Juverderm effects are natural and long lasting on the skin.


Azzalure is a Botulinum toxin with the ability to smoothen wrinkles between the eyebrows and horizontal lines on the forehead. Azzalure also corrects radical wrinkles on the lower eyelid and around the eyes. Early smokers have lines around their lip and a “gummy smile” (too much gum seen while smiling).

These effects can be corrected by the use of Azzalure as indicated by the physician. Further, Azzalure fights against profuse sweating of face, feet hands and armpits. It is also an effective remedy for clearing vertical lines around the neck.


Restylane is derived from hyaluronic acid, and it rehydrates skin and restores facial skin elasticity. Restylane is known for its effectiveness in adding volume and fullness to the skin correcting folds and wrinkles.

Further, Restylane can be used to treat lip lines for patients over the age of 21. Restylane treatment recovery is around three days, and the effects are long lasting. Also, the side effects of Restylane are temporal and mild; they include a little numbness during the treatment recovery period.

A youthful skin is the aspiration of many; do not let age limit you from having a younger look. Seek a quality skin filler and stay young.