Lasering vs. Waxing Your Bikini Line

There are many ways to get your bikini line summer-ready: shaving, plucking, electrolysis, depilatory creams, and many more. Two of the most popular and most effective methods are waxing and laser hair removal treatments. While both methods will get you ready for the beach, there are pros and cons to each.


Most of us probably have memories of microwaving a tub of wax and shrieking in our bathrooms when we tried to wax our legs for the first time. While hair removal wax is readily available in chemists and supermarkets, a bikini wax should be done by a professional at a reputable salon.

A beauty therapist will heat wax -it will be warm, not scalding! – and apply it to the skin with a spatula. She then presses a piece of cloth over the wax and quickly removes it, doing this multiple times until all the hair on the bikini line is gone. One session will usually last around 15 minutes.

As you would imagine, laser hair removal involves zapping hair follicles with a laser. The technician will spread a cooling gel on the area to be lasered and passes a laser wand over small sections of skin, heating up the follicle to the point that hair is burned away.

A single laser session also lasts around 15 minutes, but hair will begin growing back in a few weeks. After a few sessions, the follicle will be destroyed, and hair will not regrow.


Waxing is the more immediately cost-effective of the two, with a bikini wax costing around £30 a session at a professional salon. A single laser treatment can cost around £90, but for the treatment to become permanent, you may need up to 8 sessions, with packages available for around £700.

If you’re looking for permanent hair removal, laser treatment is your best option. After a few treatments, your bikini line will be permanently hair-free. One waxing treatment will last around 3 to 6 weeks and is not a permanent hair removal solution.

So while the cost of a laser treatment package may be more expensive up-front, it may prove to be more economical in the long-run than having a bikini wax every month or so. Of course, the permanence of any treatment and the rate of hair regrowth with vary for each individual.

Before booking a treatment, always be sure to read reviews of the salon or hair removal clinic of your choice. You’ll get the best results by visiting a professional you can trust.