Lasering vs. Waxing Your Bikini Line

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There are many ways to get your bikini line summer-ready: shaving, plucking, electrolysis, depilatory creams, and many more. Two of the most popular and most effective methods are waxing and laser hair removal treatments. While both methods will get you ready for the beach, there are pros and cons to each.


Most of us probably have memories of microwaving a tub of wax and shrieking in our bathrooms when we tried to wax our legs for the first time. While hair removal wax is readily available in chemists and supermarkets, a bikini wax should be done by a professional at a reputable salon.

A beauty therapist will heat wax -it will be warm, not scalding! – and apply it to the skin with a spatula. She then presses a piece of cloth over the wax and quickly removes it, doing this multiple times until all the hair on the bikini line is gone. One session will usually last around 15 minutes.

As you would imagine, laser hair removal involves zapping hair follicles with a laser. The technician will spread a cooling gel on the area to be lasered and passes a laser wand over small sections of skin, heating up the follicle to the point that hair is burned away.

A single laser session also lasts around 15 minutes, but hair will begin growing back in a few weeks. After a few sessions, the follicle will be destroyed, and hair will not regrow.


Waxing is the more immediately cost-effective of the two, with a bikini wax costing around £30 a session at a professional salon. A single laser treatment can cost around £90, but for the treatment to become permanent, you may need up to 8 sessions, with packages available for around £700.

If you’re looking for permanent hair removal, laser treatment is your best option. After a few treatments, your bikini line will be permanently hair-free. One waxing treatment will last around 3 to 6 weeks and is not a permanent hair removal solution.

So while the cost of a laser treatment package may be more expensive up-front, it may prove to be more economical in the long-run than having a bikini wax every month or so. Of course, the permanence of any treatment and the rate of hair regrowth with vary for each individual.

Before booking a treatment, always be sure to read reviews of the salon or hair removal clinic of your choice. You’ll get the best results by visiting a professional you can trust.


The Secret To Celeb Skin? Low-Dose, Baby Botox

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Celebrities offer so much beauty inspiration to the rest of us, especially when it comes to their skin. While they do have access to the best products and treatments, there are some options that are accessible for those who aren’t rich and famous. One popular treatment to get beautiful looking skin that is gaining popularity is Baby Botox, also commonly referred to as Sprinkles.

This treatment is essentially the same as the traditional injection with the exception that the dosage is much lighter. The target areas are the same: crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead wrinkles, eyebrows and other fine lines on the face. Instead of getting rid of these lines completely, this low-dose option maintains a more natural look while also allowing for more movement in the face. Less is more in this case.

This is a particularly good option for younger patients whose skin still looks quite youthful and who simply want to take possible preventative measures. It is also popular among patients who are new to this type of treatment and want to familiarize themselves with the procedure before injecting too much Botulinum Toxin into their skin. In either case, the baby version of Botulinum Toxin injections allow wrinkles and lines to be treated gradually over time.

Although the dosage is lower, patients have still noticed a difference in the appearance of their skin. Professionals who perform the injections see an increase in the confidence of their patients as their skin looks youthful and refreshed, yet still maintains a natural look. One possible downside to this treatment is the length of time it lasts. Because the dosage is lower, patients may have to have more appointments if they want to stay on top of their youthful and rejuvenated skin.

Celebrities of all ages have admitted to getting various types of Botox treatments. TV host Kelly Ripa has claimed it has changed her life and actress Lisa Rinna loves that the chemical keeps her face looking natural. TV star Courtney Cox advises against too much Botulinum Toxin, but does give it credit for its positive effects on the look of her skin and face. Sharon Osborne even allowed herself to be injected on live TV! Younger celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lala Kent also use Botulinum Toxin in preventative measures, as mentioned above.

Deciding to get any kind of injection treatment is certainly a personal decision, as is the case with any treatment to one’s body. The cost would also have to be part of the decision as treatments can be in the hundreds of pounds. However, if one is considering such a treatment to fight lines and wrinkles, Baby Botox would certainly be a good place to start.

Coping with Excessive Sweating

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Everyone can suffer from excessive sweating. For many, this condition can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Scientist says that sweating is a normal way of releasing heat and toxins in the body. Sweating keeps the body healthy and fit. However, if you regularly sweat heavily this could be an indication that there’s something wrong. In some cases, sweating produces foul body odour and leaves sweat patches on the clothes which can be embarrassing.

Excessive sweating can be seen in different parts in the body like in face, feet, the underarms and hands. Excessive underarm sweating is also called as axillary hyperhidrosis. Sweating varies in conditions like mild hyperhidrosis, to persistent and acute hyperhidrosis. This condition tends to produce sweat first in your palms and soon will develop on your feet, both underarms and face.

In some cases, some people may experience these four symptoms. Excessive sweating may be caused by a variety of factors, such as through over exposure to heat or warm temperatures. It may also bring by emotional problems like anxiety or stress. You may also sweat profusely because of being overweight or if you eat a lot of hot and spicy foods. Look for these causes and draw out some possible solutions that can help you manage this ailment.

There are possible ways to stop sweating. Preventive measures are usually effective, and managing the condition can help avoid it becoming a serious problem. One way to do it is through taking a shower regularly to eliminate all bacteria in the skin and feel fresh. Use a reliable antiperspirant deodorant to prevent sweat from building up. Always wear natural fabric on your upper body to allow the skin breath better.

Botox can give relief that is safe, effective and long-lasting. One simple Botox treatment session given in-office can control the problem for up to 12 months. The way a Botox treatment works is by temporarily blocking the chemical signals form the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. When the signals can no longer reach the sweat glands, then the excessive sweating stops.

Occasionally, topical antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride will provide relief. A prescription-strength compound, Drysol, may be helpful when the over-the-counter remedies don’t work. There is also a minimally invasive surgery known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy that interrupts the nerves before they reach the sweat glands.

Where these other methods of treatment may not always work, or be outrageously expensive, Botox therapy remains the treatment of choice for this troublesome disorder. Although it is not a permanent cure, it has proven to be long-lasting, effective and safe.

Also, try to limit the amount of sun exposure. If preventive methods have not worked, then you can opt for other alternatives. Consult your doctor about taking oral medications or potential procedures like Botox and surgery.

Possible Causes of Implant Failure

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Everybody looks good when they smile, especially when it’s a full smile of healthy looking teeth. Teeth are prone to different diseases, such as tooth decay, root canal, toothache, sensitive teeth and bleeding gums over the course of time and possibly due to improper care. A number of techniques have been developed to treat dental infections; however when these infections become severe they can cause huge problems, including situations in which extraction of the tooth is the only option.

The process of placing a prosthetic tooth in place of a missing tooth is done with dental implants. It is positioned in the jaw by an implant specialist. Once successfully placed, the implant is left for a certain period of time so that the bone fuses with the implant enough to hold the tooth. It is usually made of titanium, as titanium is very well endured in the body. These are some of the common reasons dental implants fail.

Not Enough Supporting Bone

The prerequisites of a dental implant involve the consent of the implant dentist. The specialist first of all determines that the patient has well enough supporting bone to accommodate an implant and the prosthetic tooth. A specific surgical process is then followed to place the implant into the bone. Special consideration is to be made to ensure the implant is not rejected by the patient’s body.

Cutting through the gum tissue is required to properly position the implant to the jaw bone. After cutting and placing of the gum tissue and implant respectively, the gum will be sewn up to the implant or around it so that it can fuse appropriately with the bone. The implant is then is left to heal for some time, sometimes for months to ensure the unification of the implant and the tooth is tough enough to hold the prosthetic tooth.


A worst case scenario could result in implant failure. The statistics reveal that five percent of lower jaw and 10 percent of upper jaw implants fail. A possible reason for this could be the presence of bacteria in the jawbone before the implant is inserted. In that case when the implant in position in the bone, it can set free the bacteria and the tissue surrounding the implant is loosened by them. The germ infected implant ultimately becomes swollen and reddened which fails to heal and the implant can fail.

Aftercare Services

Another reason for the failure of an implant could be the negligence of aftercare of the tooth. It is imperative to follow all the guidelines given by the dentist after an implant so that the implant is successful and will never cause any issues. If after an implant and while following all the guidelines if a patient notices swelling or tenderness around the operated area, then the specialist should be consulted immediately as it could be a sign of infection.

Improper Placement

A dental implant can also fail if the implant is not correctly placed. An improperly placed implant is likely to be displaced again and again by the movement of the mouth while eating and talking. The patients should go for an implant only if a qualified and experienced dentist is involved.

How Not To Get Whiter Teeth – The Most Common Mistakes

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Baking Soda. Chewing Gum. Mouthwash. Bleach. Strips.

There are so many options out there for trying to get whiter teeth that it can all get a bit confusing learning what works and what doesn’t. If you’ve been wondering whether brushing your teeth with baking soda every second day is best or if you should be buying bleach strips you can put on in the evening when you’re on the sofa, I’ve decided to debunk some of the myths surrounding the most well-known methods to achieving a perfect smile.

Myth 1: Baking Soda Works

Dip your brush in to some baking soda every few days and give your teeth a liberal brush with the weir tasting powder? You’ll read on so many blogs how its the magical secret for whiter teeth, but the truth is that baking soda has no real effect on enamel and only serves to interact with bacteria in the mouth. Some people even argue that brushing with baking soda is a terrible idea because it can disrupt the amount of “good” bacteria in your mouth and leave you susceptible to gum problems.

Myth 2: Hydrogen Peroxide Works

Liberally throwing ACID around in your mouth isn’t something you’d usually do, and the same can be said for hydrogen peroxide. A lot of homemade toothpastes will tell you to mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together and then use it on teeth. The big problem with this is that your gums can’t handle intense reactions very well (just think of when you drink something very cold and the sensation that causes)

When something like an intense peroxide comes in contact with open tissue like this, it can cause artifical damage and disruption.

Myth 3: Strips Work Best

It’s one of the easiest ways to try to whiten your teeth: you stick a strip on there, let it sit for a while and then wipe away. Strips are good if you want a short term fix to get brighter teeth for a short period, but it will leave you with little spots on the teeth where a strip doesn’t stick to properly. This mean you can end up smiling with a few notable yellow dots in the middle of a tooth.

Myth 4: At Home Kits Are Just As Good

You might see the large kits at a chemist that contain seemingly everything you’d ever need for white teeth. The big problem with these is the products inside aren’t the same as you get in a clinic. A shop on the high street can’t sell gels with the same concentration of peroxide as a dental surgeon can. That’s why its probably best to get a professional to look at your teeth rather than just rubbing a chemical on yourself when you don’t know what its made of.

Myth 5: Lasers damage enamel

Even if you tap your tooth and it feels hard, the enamel that surrounds your teeth has thousands of tiny pores. This is how when we drink or some that they can end up discoloured. A professional laser whitening treatment might seem dangerous when pointed at that enamel, but its helping to blast and lift out any of those pockets of yellow and brown that won’t shift with a million brushes from a tooth whitening paste.

It is also important to remember that when a laser is pointed at teeth, peroxide needs to be applied to help accentuate how well it can work. Think of it as an accelerant.

Myth 6: Strawberry Toothpaste Works Naturally

So this is one myth that is very troublesome and seen a lot from YouTube vloggers. Make at home strawberry (or any fruit really) toothpaste involves mushing up strawberries, mixing it with baking powder and then brushing it on your teeth. People believe this works because of the naturally occurring acids in fruit. While it is true that acid can be beneficial at improving the shade of teeth when used correctly a fruit cocktail like this is a terrible idea. Why is it so bad? Because the natural acid won’t protect enamel but wear it down in a fashion similar to simply dipping a toothbrush in a can of cola and rubbing it on your tooth.

Some Basic Implant Care Advice

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Dental implants are primarily used as a means of allowing the patient to regain function in the teeth and mouth. That includes dental hygiene, too. However, caring for a dental implant requires a slightly different approach than caring for a natural tooth.

It’s more appropriate to use the term “maintenance” to describe all tasks that keep dental implants in shape and place, rather than merely “hygiene”. Despite this, caring for implants is usually easier than caring for any other tooth replacement solution.

After-surgery care is critical. Strictly stick to what your dental surgeon has recommended for you. Avoid hot and cold drinks, do not chew or allow food to the implant area. If you feel pain around the implant, do not try to adjust it. Take a painkiller. If that doesn’t help, refer to your dentist or surgeon. Under no circumstance allow any pressure on the implant for at least two weeks after the surgery.

Use dental hygiene products recommended by your dentist and dental surgeon. Though you will basically still use a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash, these can be slightly different depending on your unique situation. There are special products for caring for implants, or caring for mouths which have them. Your dental surgeon and dentist will monitor the situation after surgery and over long term and propose care products which would best support the implants. Never ignore these recommendations.

Do not miss check-ups. Although implants are a long-lasting treatment, the osseointegration process is critical, so is the stress implants experience during most patients’ everyday routine. Implants need to be occasionally checked for problems and possible wear and tear, so that an appropriate action can be taken in a timely manner.

Stop smoking! Smoking is causing harm to the entire body, and is detrimental for the implants too. Note that smoking shrinks the bone tissue which holds the implant, and causes it to become loose. On top of that, your gums will be weaker as well, and it’s not uncommon for smokers to have their implants fall out, despite the treatment, recovery and maintenance being successful. Also avoid drinking soda and other nutrients which are proven to be harmful for oral health.

A Simple Guide to Dermal Fillers

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Age causes skin causes the skin to lose its elasticity, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is normal for people to be concerned about wrinkles, however, wrinkles are reversible if the right treatment is administered. Wrinkles can be treated using dermal fillers, a popular cosmetic treatment which has been proven to be successful to a large percentage of users. Fillers are popular and safe cosmetic remedies for individuals who wish to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on their face. Skin fillers restore a youthful appearance to the skin by plumping up and restoring its lost volume.


Juvederm has gained popularity as being an effective and safe skin filler. Juverderm is made by Allgern, who also make Botox. Juverderm is a range of injectable gels based on hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally occurs naturally in the human body meaning it can fill wrinkles and replace skin characteristics that it has lost over the years.

Further, Juvederm is less painful as it contains a pain reducing component called Lidocaine making the whole experience a more comfortable one. Juverderm effects are natural and long lasting on the skin.


Azzalure is a Botulinum toxin with the ability to smoothen wrinkles between the eyebrows and horizontal lines on the forehead. Azzalure also corrects radical wrinkles on the lower eyelid and around the eyes. Early smokers have lines around their lip and a “gummy smile” (too much gum seen while smiling).

These effects can be corrected by the use of Azzalure as indicated by the physician. Further, Azzalure fights against profuse sweating of face, feet hands and armpits. It is also an effective remedy for clearing vertical lines around the neck.


Restylane is derived from hyaluronic acid, and it rehydrates skin and restores facial skin elasticity. Restylane is known for its effectiveness in adding volume and fullness to the skin correcting folds and wrinkles.

Further, Restylane can be used to treat lip lines for patients over the age of 21. Restylane treatment recovery is around three days, and the effects are long lasting. Also, the side effects of Restylane are temporal and mild; they include a little numbness during the treatment recovery period.

A youthful skin is the aspiration of many; do not let age limit you from having a younger look. Seek a quality skin filler and stay young.


How Do Period Delay Tablets Work?

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Every month you wait for your dreaded period to arrive and sometimes your period can arrive when it just isn’t convenient for you. Period delay tablets are absolutely perfect for such scenarios and can help you out hugely. Let’s take a look at how these pills work and how they can assist you when you need them.

How They Work

Medication such as ‘Norethisterone’ and ‘Utovlan’ work by affecting the hormones inside the medication sustaining the lining of the womb for longer than usual. This will result in you not coming on your period until you stop taking the medication (e.g. if you take Norethisterone for a week when your period usually occurs, you will delay it by a week or so.) Please note that these kind of pills are not contraceptive and you can still get pregnant while taking them, so you should take other medication/contraceptive methods as and when you need to.

Perhaps you have a hot date coming up or just want to go swimming with your friends during the time which your period would usually strike. These things might not be out of the question when you get your period but they are definitely not preferred for most people.

Taking medication such as Norethisterone or Utovlan would be perfect for such occasions. They are not only used for these methods however, you might be advised to use these by a medical professional. Your doctor might prescribe you with these types of tablets if you suffer from heavy/abnormal bleeding. They can help to normalize your cycles by balancing the hormones in your body.

Are They Safe?

These kind of products are FDA approved and are completely safe to take for the average woman. However it is always wise to consult your local doctor before you take any kind of medication. You should also not take these kind of products TOO often, they should not be used every month and not for a prolonged period of time.

Period delay tablets could definitely be the right option for you if you have a holiday/party coming up, where being on your period is just not convenient for you. Coming to rely on these pills is not good because you could mess up your cycles but using them occasionally is absolutely fine. They in a way, let you decide when you get your period and also give you time to prepare!

Garden maintenance taking the strain

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Garden Maintenance or Garden Strain

Working in the garden can be great exercise and also is known to have therapeutic effects as well, but one must achieve a balance to avoid straining and possible injury. Walking the garden while cutting grass can help with raising the heart rate, turning garden maintenance into a healthy, aerobic activity. Likewise, regular care such as pruning, planting, weeding, and digging can be of great benefit, but for some this sort of activity can be dangerous. So, when enough is enough and too much plenty?

Keeping Healthy with Garden Maintenance Glasgow

Keeping healthy by performing regular garden maintenance in Glasgow is becoming a normal part of fitness plans in neighborhoods everywhere. Scientific studies are finding more health benefits from performing garden maintenance each day, such as the calming effect the smell of cut grass creates, or that living in greener cities contributes to our happiness and makes us healthier, as reported by The Guardian. The benefit we gain from the physical exertion of it can be as beneficial as swimming or jogging, according to an article that appeared in Saga. Garden maintenance includes all sorts of activities that include stretching, bending, reaching, walking, lifting, carrying and many other basic movements that can help one keep in shape.

With proper planning, garden maintenance Glasgow can become part of one’s regular workout and can be done year round by cutting grass, raking leaves, or removing snow. By completing garden maintenance on a regular basis, it is easy to include these activities in place of a stroll, a jog or a swim. It is important to keep the amount of exercise one gains from performing garden maintenance in balance with the regular exercise routine. If just starting to maintain the garden, work up to it, don’t overwhelm the body by doing too much too soon to avoid strain or injury.

When Gardening Maintenance is Too Much

Enjoying the numerous health benefits of garden maintenance is great for many gardeners, but for some, the task is too much. When cutting the grass becomes too much of a strain for the ol’ back to take, it’s time to call in the professionals. Trying to work at garden maintenance when one is feeling the physical strain is just asking for an injury. Knowing when that limit has been reached is just as important as getting the job done. Sometimes we play too hard and just can’t risk the added strain of garden maintenance. Sadly, as with all things in life, there comes a time when getting the garden maintenance completed is simply beyond physical limitations.

Figuring out when to say when is rather personal, and we all have our own stopping points. For some, life is already full of physical activities that drain the body, and taking on the extra exertion of garden maintenance Glasgow would be overwhelming and likely to cause injury from doing too much. When it becomes too much, don’t strain, call in the professionals, like the garden landscapers of Garden Force.

Dental Veneers – Your Questions Answered

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There are a whole host of manufacturers and brands involved in the dental veneers industry. Here, we explain some of the different types of dental veneers on the market, and answers a few frequently asked questions.

How long do dental veneers last?

There is a difference in the lifespan of porcelain veneers compared with that of composite veneers. Porcelain veneers will typically last between five and 10 years while composite veneers last a year or two at most. Regardless of what kind of veneer you get fitted, they will eventually need to be replaced. Although veneers are strongly cemented into place, there have been cases where they have come loose and fall off. If such a situation arises, it is important that you keep hold of your veneer and contact your dentist immediately. If you follow a good oral hygiene program and visit your dentist for check-ups on a regular basis, your veneers will naturally last much longer.

Essex veneers dentist

Is it possible to have veneers fitted on the same day?

Usually porcelain veneers are fitted over a minimum of two visits. A few cosmetic dentists have invested in CAM/CAD or in-house ceramic studios (CEREC) which can custom produce high-quality ceramic veneers on site in as little as six minutes. With this CEREC technology dental practices are able to offer single visit, same day ceramic veneers that can be fitted within an hour.

What about Lumineers? What are they?

Lumineers are similar to standard porcelain veneers but are fabricated (made) from a patented cerinate porcelain that is extremely thin. They are about the thickness of a contact lens but are very strong. With lumineers, the tooth surface does not need to be trimmed so the procedure is quicker and totally painless. There is another veneer system in the market known as Durathin veneers.

What are Da Vinci veneers?

Da Vinci veneers are similar to Lumineers in that they are extremely thin veneers that are often used for smile makeovers. They are only manufactured in the da Vinci laboratory in California. The da Vinci brand name is very popular, especially with high-profile cosmetic dentists in the USA, who often have celebrities amongst the clients.

What are MAC veneers?

MAC veneers are made from pressed ceramic, giving more strength than standard feldspathic veneers. There are the ideal veneer choice for smile makeovers. They are ultra thin shells of tooth coloured ceramic that are bonded over the front surface of your teeth in order to mask stains, close gaps or repair chips.

As one of the most trusted brands of porcelain (ceramic) veneers, da Vinci veneers have been on the cosmetic dentistry market for more than 25 years. Having featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover show, da Vinci veneers have gained popularity in the public eye. As well as being highly resistant to permanent staining, da Vinci veneers claim to be thinner than conventional veneers and therefore require little or no anaesthesia during placement so that patients have a natural appearance.

Before they are bonded, your dentist will show you how your veneers look so that you can preview your new smile before you veneers are permanently cemented into place. If you or your dentist are not 100% happy with their colour then the colour of your da Vinci veneer can still be adjusted with the shade of the cement to be used.